365 Days of Soul-ful Living, Part I

Is it possible to live soul-fully 365 days a year? 365 days being aware of the moments that matter while in the middle of those moments? 365 days waking up with intentional anticipation of what new thing to discover, to try or learn, see, taste, hear or feel? New for the first time, or new because we finally tune in to what has always been, waiting, calling, whispering to us but we’ve ignored, haven’t seen or heard, or thought could even be.

I’ve always believed there is a whole depth beneath the surface of our everyday, if we could just get to it. There is magic stirring in the ordinary, possibility in even the most grooved ruts, and life waiting to break free and dance again in what sometimes appears to be the most encased shrouds of death—meaningless minutes, stale hours, difficult relationships, dead-end jobs, seemingly purposeless days, situations, futures that make you wonder, “what’s the point?”.

Even in what appears to be the most beautiful lives and seamless days that look to “have it all” so much can get missed at the deeper level of soul. Maybe even more so here because it’s not like life is “bad”, there really is so much “good” going on—stability, security, comfort– so why rock the boat trying to look or hope for “more”?

But there is more. So much more. More that your heart wants to feel, more your mind wants to be stretched by, more your senses want to be awakened to because of the awe of living. More in people and words, in hopes and dreams, in disappointments and tears, in the clear and the questions.

There is more waiting to be grasped and deeply breathed in the real of life, in the real tangible living of this life while we live it. To feel the breath you breathe and taste the food you eat, to smell the scent of rain, to hear the rustle of the leaf, to wonder and explore, imagine and create, to try and play and reflect and embrace. All this awaits in the everyday normalcy of life, making life anything but normal by everyday standards.

And this is what I want. This is what I long for. This is what I look for, anticipate, dare my logical, task oriented brain to stop and get before it’s too late, before I’ve lived so many days thinking about “some day” and “what if” and “I hope will happens” that I miss the amazing right before my eyes, in the people, places, moments of real life.

So, I’m daring myself to 365 days of awareness, to grasp the moment in the moment everyday. To hold on and not let go until I see the blessing intended, the beauty and magic alive and waiting. To dance with this life I’ve been given right now, today rather than one day that’s not yet and may never be. 365 days of Soul-Full living!

Going Deeper
Dare yourself one day of soul-full living. Intentionally keep your eyes, mind and heart open to embracing the amazing moments Life offers you while in those moments. Grasp the beauty, the silly, the smile, the moving, gift, magic, spirit of the everyday meant for you to enjoy. If you hold just one in your soul, it will be worth all the effort. I dare you!

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