A Path to Amor!

It’s just weeks to Valentine’s Day, and my creative muse dove in designing a soul-imprinted day of romance, particularly for the guys in College Park who want to woo and wow the hearts of their cherished ones (and rack up a couple of points). I ran this by my husband and got the green light for DIYers looking for a creative twist to amour.

If you’re a woman reading this, I suggest you stop here, clip this out, and tape it to your loved one’s windshield, bathroom mirror or dinner plate (pre-food). Add some lipstick- written words of promised possibilities, should he be so inclined to take the hint, and you’re done. (Tell him next year you’ll take the lead.)

Guys, get ready to endure for the sake of love. You can do it. She’s worth it. Make this day about her and set a new tone for the year. Good news: it’s short on prep (all can be procured in College Park or online) and long on pleasure for both of you, if you step into it with an open, engaged and giving soul.

Theme for the day: French Twist. Start off the morning by greeting her with a bouquet, card, French pastry, and coffee or hot chocolate. Make the bouquet a gathering of what she loves but often denies herself. (This extra effort will tie in later). Flowers are classic, but if your true love doesn’t care for them, keep thinking: perhaps a bouquet of wooden spoons and baking chocolates if she likes to bake, $5 gift certificates to Starbucks if she loves coffee, hot chocolate packets, scratch-off lotto tickets, earrings and necklaces, lotions and nail polishes, or extra-comfy sports socks if she’s into fitness. Peek into her heart for ideas. You could stick the items on wooden dowel rods, fan them out in tissue paper, put them in a vase and voilà—it’s magnifique!

For the card, and another tie-in to the end, find a pretty, blank one and write this quote inside, paraphrased from the movie Chocolat*, “Let’s not measure goodness (or love) by what we deny ourselves, but rather by what we embrace and create.” Then, for each “bud” in your bouquet, write one thing that you love about her or thank her for ways she helps you embrace and create a better way of living and being.

For the evening, have a bon appétit with cheese fondue for dinner (Publix offers super easy, yummy pre-made options). Light a dozen votive candles, turn on French music, open a French wine, and present her favorite decadent chocolates or rich chocolate fondue for dessert. Perhaps with a soft blanket ready on the couch, give her the captivating comedy Chocolat* (surprise! and yes, it’s to watch that night, together). It’s a bit artful, so take a breath, slow down, and open up to something new. It’s worthy to note that the film takes place in a small French village, so a pair of tickets to Marseille or Nice tucked in the DVD wouldn’t hurt. Of course, a gift certificate for a French manicure or to our local French cafe works nicely too.

The movie is exquisite, with soul-enriching scenes applauding a life lived with passion and joy. Toward the end, the words from the quote above are shared and expanded beautifully. As the film fades and music plays, this would be a great time to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day, promising to look for ways to “embrace and create” more moments of joy and passion in life and love for the two of you, now and always!

Joie et amour to you!

* Chocolat, a Lasse Hallstrom film, Miramax Films, 2000.

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