Eclairity | About

Denise Badger, Founder of Éclairity, is a Spark-Igniter and Life Design Coach who helps you step into the life you are meant to live. Whether you’re a youth, young adult, or adult in transition looking to spark your dreams, career, or just life overall, Denise can help you get there.

She knows well the experience of a before and after story. After working for over a decade in a specialized field, she suddenly found herself without a job and wondering what she was supposed to do next. It was a difficult desert period she wouldn’t have chosen, but it ended up propelling her into discovering one of her main strengths of who she was at the core, and it was exactly what she needed to step more fully into the life she was meant to live.

The excavation and discovery process she went through to unearth and then pursue her passion and purpose is the same one she takes her clients through now. Minus the nine years. As she puts it, “I realized that I had gone through this desert and struggled to find my way so others wouldn’t have to. It’s amazing to go from nothing, no direction, to a sparkling, life-changing something that brings light and life into your world again. That’s what I want to inspire and lead others through — whether with their big dreams, life work, or in a challenging area of their daily living — to let them know they don’t have to do it alone, and to help them embrace and create a brighter future more effectively and in a lot less time!” 

When her powerful moment of realization hit, when her spark (éclair) became a flame and light finally arrived, Éclairity was born, a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps people like you find your own spark and step into the greater life you are meant to live.

With a Masters degree and as a Certified Coach Practitioner, Denise uses the best of what she’s discovered and learned — the best of her research-based assessments, exploratory conversations and creative exercises — to help you too move beyond wishing and into realizing your most meaningful hopes and dreams. Through her fearless leadership, astute intuition and engaging vision, she clears paths to possibilities, educates and guides through the obstacles to set you free to live the life you are meant to live here and now.

Find your spark (éclair) today so you too can love your life more!