After 5+ years, I’m Back, Ready & Excited!

I can’t believe my last post was May 2013! That feels like ages past, especially as my life changed so quickly after that.

Here’s what went down half a decade ago: I had just launched Éclairity in January 2013 and was eager to dive in fully when… instead… I got the nudge from God to submit my resume for a Lead Pastor position. It was actually more like a lightning bolt. Which is ironic now that I think of it. Éclair in French means spark, or more specifically lightning, taken from esclairare which means to light up, make shine. (I’m just putting this together as I write and can’t help but laugh. Good one God!) I had just launched a coaching business — Éclairity — to help spark life and light in people’s dreams, careers, and lives, and God immediately lightning-bolts me into a five year tutorial on what that really means. Particularly when the route seems far from the dreams and life desired.

My theme for the next five years: “For my thoughts are not  your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”, declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts…” Isaiah 55:8-9

Pastoring. Definitely not my thoughts, not my plan. I had sold my theology books years before this it was so not my plan. But as we’ve all heard, we plan, God laughs.  I used to think this meant he laughed at us with derision at our far-fetched hopes. But now more than ever I believe it’s out of delight knowing what he knows. Knowing what he has in store for us. Knowing what he can’t wait to show us.

For me, God definitely put me on a path of learning and growing, lighting up areas I needed to explore and experience. To be honest, more often than not I felt like I was walking through complete darkness, so different was this detour from my own plans, dreams and, might I say, skill level. But I’m starting to get that’s how God works sometimes. Or maybe often. He plants us in places we’d never choose, that feel nowhere near where we’re supposed to be. But he plants us there anyway. Out of love. And greater knowing, greater plans and greater purposes. He plants us in the nowhere places–the dark soil spaces–not to discourage us, but to grow us instead. To take the nowhere place we want to run from and transform it to the now-here place we can’t get enough of– the now-here places filled with God’s-graces. Graces he reveals when we stop trying to get out, away or around and start resting in and leaning into him instead.

Grace upon grace upon grace it says in John 1. That’s what Jesus brought, and brings, to our dark places and spaces. Until one day, out of the blue, just as he did for us back then, he does for us now — brings life through the darkness — and we break through. Unexpected light and life. Through the dark, nutrient-rich-soil-for-the-soul-space… growth and life. We burst through, onto another plane, another place, another plan. Sun shining. Son shining. From the inside out we’re ready for the next adventure.

And so it was. And so it is. And so I’m back, ready & excited! My coaching experiences as a Lead Pastor definitely opened my scope of skill and interest, expanding Éclairity and all it can offer beyond what I had previously envisioned. I think somehow God knew what he was doing. 🙂

Keep your eyes open for more posts coming. I’m going to attempt figuring out this Facebook thing, hoping it will help me connect with those who might want a little spark, light and life, in an Éclairity sort of way.

I hope you find your spark today, and love life more! Until next time…


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