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“Denise, you have given me the lift I needed to reclaim my passion in life. My spirit, focus, and life goals are in alignment after working with you and I can’t wait to see what the next stage of my life brings. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone on this journey.”

– Faith C.– Artist

2nd chance

“Over the past few weeks, with the tools gained through your consulting I have discovered a new “me”. This process has allowed me to find and focus on my dream, passion and purpose. I’m amazed at the excitement the process creates as I follow step by step in finding how my life can impact and influence the community.”

– Nelson B. — Founder & Manager of 2nd Chance


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Sample quotes from 4th & 5th Graders who participated in Eclairity’s Dream Team workshops for YMCA, Princeton Elementary

“The thing I enjoyed the most…was finding my “key treasures” and learning about moi (or me)!”

“Thank you for this wonderful, fun, exciting, program!! I got closer to my dreams. You are awesome…fun….funny… !”

“I learned that my dream can be reached with micro-movements.”

“I learned to never let the piranhas [negativity in self / from others] get in our way and never give up.”

“I liked when we did the seed contest…[and] making the Dream Machines…”

“Thank you Mrs. Badger for pulling my dreams out of me and helping me get to my goals…I will really miss you!”



“Stepping into my passion for cycling has given me a renewed zeal for life. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new perspective, not just with cycling as a passion but in how I can live my life more fully every day!”

– Charles B. — Scientist and Cycling Randonneur

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“Your depth of character, optimism and objectivity helped provide the clarity and renewed zest for life that I needed! With the personality assessments and consulting I have been so encouraged. Knowing more about my strengths and gifts has helped me take the opportunities before me and create more meaning now. Thank you, Denise, for inspiring and helping me grab hold of life!”

– Tina B.– Colorado Living


“I am so thankful for having met you! I feel like a very lucky person. You have helped me gain strength & confidence and taught me to have fun, keep an open mind and enjoy. I always look forward to meeting with you because I have a sense of well-being from it. When thinking of working with you words come to mind like fun, helpful, rewarding, fulfilling, positive, amazing, wonderful, peaceful! Thank you Denise for helping me so much. Your help is priceless!”

– Fabienne C. — Fashion & Image Consulting

dream jobs

“I really enjoyed working with you, Denise. You are an easy going person and from the first moment I felt welcomed in my conversation with you. You are very open and I felt connection right away. I think it is the most important part to being a coach, to establish connection because no matter how good you are, if you don’t have that connection, it all will be useless. And you have it. Thank you.”

– Victor B. — Realtor & Entrepreneur


“Thank you for working with me and exploring possibilities. I always gain clarity and feel encouraged. You give me constructive criticism and encourage me to think outside the box. I like how you are positive, realistic and to the point in conversation, helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

– Boris K. — Entrepreneur


“I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with my son and I. It was so nice to have someone to talk to about the subjects we covered. You are a great counselor as you are so easy to talk to and certainly seem to care about the people you are interacting with. I am just very lucky that you have graciously agreed to share those amazing talents with us.”

– Katrina R. — Next Steps Exploration