GET LIT Tip #1

To help you Find Your Spark and Love Your Life more…

Although many of us have accomplished estimable things, and although we may hold demanding jobs and have extensive professional resumes, when it comes time to look at our own dreams, we are suddenly struck by a debilitating modesty. Our dreams seem too big or too good to be true. We doubt our ability to accomplish them.

Use the following quiz to miniaturize your doubts instead of yourself. Take pen in hand and finish these phrases as rapidly as you can:

a. If I let myself admit it, I think I have a secret gift for ______________.

b. If I weren’t afraid, I’d tell myself to try _____________.

c. As my own best friend, I would really cheer if I saw myself try ____________.

d. The compliment I received that seemed too good to be true was ___________.

e. If I acted on that compliment, I would let myself try _____________.

f. The best person to cheer me on in my secret identity is _____________.

g. The person I should carefully not tell my dream is ________________.

h. The tiniest realistic step I could take in my dreamed direction is _______________.

i. The hugest step I could take in my dreamed-of direction is ____________.

j. The step I am able to take that feels about right to me is ______________.



Content inspired by Julia Cameron

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