If I Could for 2010 and Beyond

If I could whisper strength into your soul and life into your spirit so it could dance and you would feel alive again, I would. I’d stir the dreams you set aside and blow off the dust of forgotten yearnings. You would again think “what if” and “why not” and a smile would start inside that would play mischief with the way things “have to be” and you would start to think, “maybe not” …

If I could I would open your eyes to the beauty in the everyday. You would stop and stare at the amazing designs sunlight makes streaming through the trees early in the morning and find yourself glad to be alive. You would hear the carefree sounds of children’s laughter and be distracted by the crossing of the funny looking bug on your windowsill and be deeply thankful you have ears and eyes that work. If I could I would supercharge your awareness of all that is all around and you would see and hear and touch and feel and taste and experience the pleasures of the real, the now, the common, the tangible, the every day and be amazed and in awe at the gift of being alive in such a world as this.

If I could I would inspire you to be courageous, take risks and dare new ways of living, doing and being. You would see the good of being honest, saying what you think, what you feel, what you want. You would stand up for yourself, and others, and honor the person you were created to be. You would be willing to lose in order to gain, shake up the norm to reach the extraordinary, face your fears and be bold, daring to stand and turn the tide, one step, one word, one attempt, one belief at a time. The world would be a better place because the you we need– the real, the creative, smart, genuine, unknown you with all your gifts and thoughts, ideas and desires would finally be known, would finally step out and take your place among the giants and heroes and difference-makers of the world—those who live truly as they were created to be. And the world wouldn’t, couldn’t be the same again.

If I could I would make playing and exploring and daring and dreaming irresistible. More than irresistible, they would become “musts” for your life that cannot be passed up, that must happen regularly, daily somehow in order for you to even breathe at all. They would be the color splashed on the black and white, the music for the underscore, the 3-D texture for the otherwise everyday flatness of what life used to be. You would find opportunities at every stop for a dip, a dance, a dream, a dare and the movies would pale in comparison to the real thing called life!
If I could I would help you go from complex to simple, from surviving to thriving, from closed to open. I would come along beside you and let you know you’re not alone…it’s not too late…there is a way through to a better place. Not later or someday, but now, here, where you are as you are and as the world is around you. I would show you possibilities you thought no longer existed and help you see around the corner to amazing realities waiting to be unleashed, set free and enjoyed.
If I could I would lend a hand to your heart, be a cool drink for your soul and refreshment for your spirit. You would celebrate more and complain less, accept more and reject less, live more and die less. You would no longer be satisfied with the surface and superficial, but seek the deep and the real.

If I could, I would.

I would so your heart could grow bigger, your smile deepen and your eyes sparkle.
I would so you could sigh with contentment,
And laugh unrestrained,
And be at peace in the quiet or the storm.

I would so you would feel alive again.

And love and cry and discover and hate,
And grow and imagine and wonder and realize again… or for the first time.

I would so you could be renewed and find hope,
Be challenged and want to go and do and try and become…

And you would.

You would because you could no longer not.
You could not live without living,
Or breathe without breathing,
Or see or hear or feel or be without being, truly, deeply, really.

And so you would,
If I could…

And if I could, I would.

For you… for me…
For living… for life…
For all this… for more…

If I could…I would…I surely would…

And If I can… I will.

Orignally published at Examiner

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