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Through action-based coaching, creative workshops and motivational speaking you, your team, or community group will discover strengths, explore new horizons, figure out how to get unstuck, move forward, and live a life of greater impact, joy, and meaning.

Call today to see which coaching plan is right for you. Individual coaching | consulting is available in-person and via video conferencing. Student rates apply for youth and young adults (18-25) in transition.

Coaching & Consulting a la carte — As You Need 

What keeps you up at 3am? Whatever your current felt-need, whether in the realm of bigger Dreams | Career | or Life in general, these focused and forward-moving coaching | consulting sessions will help you shine again. It’s amazing how renewing one hour can be talking to the right person. Vision, insight, ideas, direction, strategies — whatever you’re needing we’ll figure it out and free your mind and spirit for the more in life you’re meant to experience.


Discover the Treasure of You — Coaching Package 1

Six hours focused on exploring who you are, who you are meant to be, and your true calling. Mind-digging, strengths-finding, dream-stretching, soul-dancing, move-you-forward discovery will meet you here.

Step One: Foundational Exploration. Sparks start to fly with these powerful questions and conversation. Engaging and insightful, this step lays the groundwork for identifying and embracing your most important life goals, dreams, passions and purpose.

Step Two: Pragmatics & Possibilities. Research-based assessments and creative exercises are used effectively in this step to dig deeper, clarify and uncover what makes you unique and stand out from the rest. Personality type, strongest life roles, gifts, strengths and more are explored. Plan for homework and know this archeology-of-the-soul-work is a powerful and key step for embracing your new life.

Step Three: Results and Reports. Lightning clarity and stirring ideas will accompany this practical step filled with details, reports and a Treasure Map of You! As we go over the results you’ll take in inspiring vistas of your unique abilities and callings, explore new and daring crossroads of potential, and travel the pathways cleared for next-step strategies and direction.

Extra! Follow Up Sessions For Free: Useful resources and action steps will keep the progress going toward freeing your passion and purpose. You’ll also get three 15-30 minute follow-up phone sessions (once/month for three months), for accountability and support.

$125/hour or $750 /total pkg (10% discount if all six hours are purchased in advance)

Taking Your Dreams | Career Goals | The Life You Want… Into Reality — Coaching Package 2

Six hours focused on launching you into your new life! When you know who you are and what you want, it’s time to make it happen.

Session One: Your Personal Change Map. To get to where you need to go it’s important to have the right navigational tools keeping you on course. Understanding how you, personally and uniquely, best achieve positive and lasting change will be the compass you’ll return to throughout your change-journey, keeping you on course for success.

Session Two: Fleshing It Out. This challenging and inspiring session moves previously impossible ideals into very pragmatic and attainable realities. The more specific and concrete your dream | goal | desire, the more likely it will be achieved. This session is about asking the right questions to help you identify exactly and specifically what you want, how, why, when, with whom, etc. so you can get there faster and more effectively.

Session Three: Acceleration. From first steps to leaps, this is one of the most exciting sessions! Here you’ll acquire skills that will get, and keep you moving forward in embracing your new life. This session is all about movement and balance, keeping your dreams and goals nourished and nurtured so through the hard work they (and you!) remain alive and thriving. We’ll take the steps together so your dreams can transition from tiny and tender hatchlings to full, robust and amazing, making this world a better place as you step into who and what you are meant to be.

Session Four: Overcoming the Land of No. We all get stuck, come up against obstacles and have to deal with the desert and difficult on our way to our promised lands. Whether the resistance to your success comes from the market, naysayers, or from your own inner core, learning to face and overcome whatever is holding you back, now or later, is essential to living fully in the life you want to lead. Tools for triumph start here!

Extra! Follow Up Sessions For Free: Useful resources and action steps will keep the progress going as you continue moving forward fully into your passion and purpose, as will the three 15-30 minute follow-up phone sessions (once/month for three months) you’ll receive for accountability and support.

$125/hour or $750 /total pkg (10% discount if all six hours are purchased in advance)

Group Team Building, Visioning, & Becoming — Custom Consulting & Workshops

Energizing and effective for groups large and small, and customized as needed for all ages. If you’re a business, school, church or community group, or simply a couple, a family or friends looking to grow better together, please call to talk through your specific needs. See below for some starter ideas.

Sparks Fly! Sample Workshop Topics:

  • Understanding Personality Type — for couples, families, and teams large and small, this will improve understanding for relationships, sales, communication, leadership, spirituality, & more…fun, interactive, informative, and valuable
  • Taking Your Dreams Into Reality — engaging & constructive hands-on coaching series to help you achieve your little & big dreams, customized for you, and relevant for individuals. teams or groups
  • Building New Rhythms of Life for Less Stress and More Fun — delight-filled topics & ready-to-go strategies designed to spark deeper, more fulfilling living every day
  • Miscellaneous Workshop Topics — Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building, Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Marriage Enrichment, Discovering (or Recovering) Your Artist Within, Creativity Strengths, Exploring Your Spirituality and Faith, and more!
  • Custom Workshop Created Just For You–what does your group, organization or team need right now? Vision? Direction? Master Planning? Healthier Morale?  Let’s talk and design the right workshop for the right purpose, bringing that needed spark and life into your community group or business today!


Call for pricing on workshop facilitation.

Inspirational Presentations | Seminars | Motivational Talks:

Do you have an event or program where a dose of inspiration is needed? Give me a call and let’s schedule it today. I love planting seeds of hope and possibilities to audiences of all ages, and have found that even little bites of time can offer big opportunities for fresh insight, energy and new direction.


Wherever you need spark, clear vision, and direction, saying YES today will start you moving in the right direction!