Ode to Life

Ode to Life!
Exultation and Joy
Hearts meditation and spirit celebration
Of all that was and is and is to come!

Sunlight mottled shadows on brick paved streets
Newborn kittens peeking from satchels
Incessant mewing, indignant souls
Crinkling bags in cafes,
With warm baked bread and conversation
Legs walking,
Children running
Laughter mixed with breezes blowing
This is the Ode to Life.

Loves embrace unexpected
Dirty feet from mud puddle jumping
Squirrel’s scamper tree top banter
Rain falling from clear blue skies
Hurry scurry and tasks completed
Curious questions
Crazy dancing when no one’s looking
This is the Ode to Life.

Coffee beans freshly ground
Airplane departures and midnight adventures
Cows in pasture
Silly faces
Talks on sandy beaches
Smiles from surprises
Treasures found
Songs sung in showers and fragrant flowers
This is the Ode to Life.

Fear of falling, stumbling, bumping
Hands that are reaching
When you are little and when you are older
Tears drop hearts stop breath catches fast
Feelings felt
Anger melts
Joys lost Joys found
This is the Ode to Life.

Memories painted on spirit canvas
Colors brilliant colors blurred
Etching scenes of who we were once upon a yesterday.
Colors running shaping drawing
The life we wanted the life resisted
Wondering wanting forgetting remembering
Changing changing
The brush strokes never ending
This is the Ode to Life.

The poem of our life as lived
In present day come what may
Facing moments chin up arms wide running fast
To dive into what is ours
To shape
And write
The gift unwrapped each morning new
Blessed because we breathe and have the chance to see once more
This is the Ode to Life.

Dreams alight with inspiration
Innovation and creation
Possibilities await
As the future beckons our steps and attempts
To bring into being what could not be
Without the you without the me
Our purpose our pleasure
Passion and fire
This is the Ode to Life
No matter what, no matter where, no matter when or how
The Ode of Life is being writ and heard
Painted and sung
Sculpted and played
Upon this earth as never known before

With every soul that opens, and spirit sigh
With every mind’s question and heart touch
In raging water and darkened skies
And in fields of flowers with picnic kites
So expands the beauty of life
Becoming in the moments being lived
The beautiful Ode we were meant to know
The beautiful Ode we were meant to share.

And for this we celebrate
For this we dance
For this we praise our God on high
With every fiber in our being
For He knows beyond our knowing
How the Ode should sound in every day and every night
The tune, the art, the novel rich for all who seek his light

We will not want for more
Deep down where it counts
We will not want for more
For He is our Life, our Joy complete
Our Ode of Odes for life now and evermore!

Commissioned for a 50th birthday celebration

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