Signed, Sealed & Delivered

I have a particular affinity for seals that started young. Growing up in Montana there’s not much to do once you finish plowing the fields, so you put food in cans-canning (actually, you use mason jars and cans aren’t involved at all—go figure). At age five, I learned that in canning, if you failed to seal the jar lid on tight, things went very badly. Come winter, the bacteria that snuck in under the lid and had a party with the peaches during the months sitting on a shelf nets you rotten, disgusting, unidentifiable contents that you wouldn’t offer your worst enemy. But, if you did it right, the way canning is supposed to happen— sterilized, filled, and you made sure to seal the lid tightly so no air got through—then you were guaranteed to eat like a king in the winter. And that guarantee was definitely worth the wait.

Fast forward to fifth grade, and meet my best friend, Marce. We were kindred spirits.

Deeply devoted as only 10-year-olds can be, we decided to forever seal our friendship with a solemn oath. We packed a picnic, found a park with a stream, stood teetering on two rocks in the middle of the water, clasped hands and repeated words of undying love, sealing our friendship forever. It was a guaranteed, sure thing. Eighteen years and memories later I stood in her wedding and felt the deep satisfaction of a true and lasting friendship.
And then, there was the time when a seal saved my life. 1998, sailing trip to the Bahamas, rough waters, weak swimmer with a healthy dose of “…but I can do this”, 150 yards from the boat and my asthma kicks in. Frozen airways, one scream for help, and then, just like the hero in the movies I see my husband dive off the boat and swim to save me. His arms circled about me, sealing me to him as he dragged me back to safety. His arms kept me to him, kept me afloat, and kept me alive.

But by far, the best seal of all is found in Ephesians 1:13-14. It says that God, the Holy
Spirit, is our seal, guaranteeing our salvation! Just like the canning seal, the Holy Spirit keeps us from eating the rotten stuff sin offers. Like the seal of friendship, the Holy Spirit keeps us connected to God, deepening our friendship through time and experiences together. And like the seal of arms, the Holy Spirit puts his arms around us and takes us to safety through trials of life over and again, ultimately setting our feet on heavenly ground, safe for eternity.

Can the seal be broken? Yeah, it can… but Hebrews 13:5 says it will never be God who breaks away. When we accept and choose Him as our personal Savior and Friend for life, that’s exactly what we get…for life, for eternity. It’s guaranteed!

ENCOUNTER: Have you said “yes” to God, to His seal in your life, guaranteeing your eternity with Him? If yes, thank Him right now for such an incredible promise and guarantee. If not, what are you waiting for?

Seal Assessment:
Is there any rotten stuff in your life that you need the Holy Spirit to get rid of? How’s the strength of your friendship with God-any area need to be tightened up? Where in your life do you need to scream “Help!” to God and let Him get you through? His arms are ready to keep holding tight and get you through if you let Him…it’s a sealed promise!

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