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When I founded Éclairity, a nonprofit Life Design Coaching organization, I knew that I wanted to inspire, encourage and help people of all ages and backgrounds, but especially hoped to serve those who could not afford it. People with limited resources and/or opportunity — youth, young adults ages 18-25, and those struggling in or on the brink of poverty — typically do not have access to this kind of personal guidance and yet are the ones who often need it the most. They desperately need to discover (or remember) their value and purpose — their spark (éclair) — to have hope and believe they have a future that shines with possibilities.

Young and old, rich and poor and in-between, we all need to understand our worth, but this is especially true for those who are just starting out in life and those who are struggling to survive. They need to know they are not alone, that their dreams matter, and there is a way to a bright and impacting life. They need to understand their inner gifts and strengths, to grasp their relevance and know their capabilities, to envision a way to achieve their greatest dreams and goals, and to believe they too can help make the world a better place.  They need to know, to believe, and to be freed to step into a life of light and hope rather than darkness and dread, and to be a part of making this a reality for those around them as well.

Toward that end, I have four dreams I want to step into:

Raise funds to coach three people per month who otherwise could not afford it, helping them discover their strengths, find their purpose, and gain hope for their future.

Sponsorship would give an individual six hours of customized 1:1 coaching sessions utilizing the Discover the Treasure of You framework. Each sponsored person would gain an in-depth understanding of their unique personality, have their eyes opened to their valuable strengths and abilities, explore their purpose, discern how their dreams and goals can make a difference, and identify achievable steps they can start today to set them in a positive direction.

  • My dream is to coach 36 sponsored individuals per year: 12 high school youth, 12 young adults (ages 18-25), and 12 adults living in poverty.
  • Your sponsorship of $750/person is a tax deductible donation. If you would like to sponsor someone specifically, please contact me for details.
  • To sponsor a coaching package for someone who needs hope today, click here:



Raise funds to facilitate two D.R.E.A.M. Team youth programs per year for grades 4 – 8 that would empower and equip youth to understand their value and better achieve their goals and dreams.

The D.R.E.A.M. Team program is an acronym for Dreams Really Energize and Move you ahead & beyond! and is a 14 session after-school program that creatively engages, encourages and empowers youth to (1) embrace their value as they understand their unique personality, strengths, and dreams; (2) learn to take steps that will make their goals & dreams realized; and (3) practice skills that will help them move forward in school and life in the face of opposition.

Each week consists of two, 90 minute sessions filled with fun, hands-on, creative learning activities, discussion and application. Youth will engage through writing, speaking, drawing, playing, creating, sharing, group work and individual reflection. The program concludes with youth and their parents together, sharing and celebrating highlights and encouraging ongoing dialog and support.

One D.R.E.A.M. Team program will focus on youth in grades 4 – 5, and the second will focus on youth in grades 6 – 8. Because of the highly individualized and group coaching given within these sessions, each program is limited to 15 youth.

  • My dream is to inspire and equip 30 youth (grades 4- 8) each year in understanding their value and achieving their goals and dreams.
  • Your sponsorship of $175/student to attend the 14 session youth program is a tax deductible donation. If you would like to sponsor a specific youth, please contact me for details.
  • To sponsor a student to be empowered and equipped through the D.R.E.A.M. Team program, click here:



Conduct a Pilot Study tracking the effectiveness of coaching youth to increase their (1) self-awareness, self-esteem, goal achievement and hope, (2) interest in going to college; and (3) clarity on what to study in college that would align with their interests and strengths. 

I have a hypothesis I would love to test out — a “supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation”. It is an “If… Then…” study that goes like this:

Based on my experience coaching and conducting workshops for youth through adults, my hypothesis is that IF youth could, through individual and group coaching at regular intervals throughout their 4th – 12th grade years, experience the following:

  1. Have regular opportunity to learn about their personality type, strengths and talents and grow in their understanding of their uniqueness and value;
  2. Be encouraged to express and explore their hopes and dreams;
  3. Understand the correlation between how their personality, strengths and talents can help them achieve their hopes and dreams;
  4. Learn how setting and achieving goals now, especially in school, can affect and bring success to their hopes and dreams later, and practice doing so;
  5. Connect how their unique personality, strengths and talents, combined with their hopes and dreams, can make a real difference in the world when serving people and situations in need, bringing hope and a better life to others,

THEN (a) their self-awareness, self-esteem, goal achievement and hope for the future would increase; (b) their interest in going to college would increase; and (c) their clarity on what to study in college that would better align with their interests and strengths would increase…all in comparison with youth who would not have the opportunity to experience regular coaching in the above five activities.

  • My dream is to partner with experts in academia and research to conduct cause and effect, longitudinal studies to test the above hypothesis as I know there are several layers deep and wide needed in order to gain the kind of knowledge that could affect real change. But ultimately, if the research indicates any definitive insight that could help youth increase in self-awareness, self-esteem, goal achievement, and hope, or in their desire to attend college, or in their clarity on what to study in college, I would like to share this information with and help administrators and teachers figure out how we can incorporate more of these coaching fundamentals into our school systems and serve our youth more holistically.
  • Your donations for this pilot study are tax deductible and would help alleviate the ongoing costs of development, coaching, materials, data collection, administration, analysis, and publication.
  • To make a donation to the Pilot Study and be apart of increasing the well-being and success of our youth, click here:



Establish an Éclairity Center — an inspiring, creative and educational place that ignites sparks of discovery, dreams, and doing, for all ages, for the purpose of bringing life and light into peoples’ lives and into our communities. I dream of having an Éclairity Center in every city across America and around the world!

Ok so yes this is a BIG dream! But I’m putting it all out there because that’s how exciting and amazing things can happen — one big impossible dream that calls to us and won’t let us go… until… broken down into do-able steps and micro-movements, and a bit of patience and determination… “Voilá!”…there’s a brick and mortar Éclairity Center in our midst!

So what will this Éclairity Center look like and how will it do all that? So glad you asked! Check by soon for the details, and more dreams in the making!!